Cricket Captain 2016 2016

Play as your favorite cricket team and compete against your friends or attempt to lead your favorite cricket team to championship glory

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Looking for an in-depth management simulation that focuses entirely on the sport of cricket? If so, Cricket Captain 2016 pays a painstaking level of attention to detail, and the game spans across more than five different domestic leagues. As far as games go, you can take control of more than 79 different teams from five of the leagues. The game has also been updated so that you have a 3D match engine that provides you with some of the most realistic and crisp graphics and animations found in gaming.

Adding to the Feel of Realism

The 3D match engine has some of the most realistic gaming you can find, and you will play in some of the one-day matches where you have 20/20 experiences in the game. The simulation looks at a huge database full of different players, and each of them will have unique abilities. As the manager of the team, you have to position your players tactically so that they will shine like the champions they are. The game becomes about exploiting your strengths to the fullest while you keep your weaknesses in the background. This will bring the winner's trophy to your team.

Achievements to Work Toward

Like every good game worth its salt, you have achievements to work toward. Even if you've played the game many times, you will likely continue to have something to try to beat. The fans of Cricket Captain 2016 will find an absolutely addictive experience where the gameplay draws you in and fully immerses you. You have an extensive list of teams to play and choose, and you can select different squads and each of the players will have a unique set of talents and skills that you can use. Earning success and learning how to use it has never been more appealing. When we look at the 3D engine, you have a fantastic extra level of dimension to the gameplay, and it also adds to your management of the teams.

The Cricket Management Game Returns!

In 2016, we see a bold return of the game, and it launches into the series with bold abandon. In fact, cricket fans from across the globe can appreciate the game, and they can put their expertise to a trial by fire. This is one of the most in-depth cricket games ever made, and it has more excellent features and playable teams than ever before.

What are some of the best features of Cricket Captain 2016? First, you have 12 teams from the South African and New Zealand domestic cricket leagues. You can also compete in the World Cup Tournament mode, and this game keeps you coming back for more.


  • The achievements you get in the game add feelings of progression.
  • Choose from over 79 domestic teams from over five different domestic leagues.


  • Niche market and this is not a game for those who don't understand cricket already.

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